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We believe that ranching can be some of the best of days and you can go through some of the worst of ways. As you might guess by the name Damn Ranch, this was all inspired by going through some of those worst of ways.
We don’t seem to reflect on things until we go through some of those hard times I guess that’s human nature. You’ll see through some of the songs we have to offer that life on the ranch has some hard times, (check out the song Damn Ranch) but ranching also has some good times and we want to show you that as well. Everything from springtime calving to moving cows to high country, the beautiful scenery we live in every day being on the Western Slope of Colorado from sunsets to double rainbows and much more.

In that respect this is a reality web site, the good and bad. They say as a Rancher you get to be your own boss, but I can’t tell the weather what to do and sometimes my cows don’t do what I want them to, not to mention personal relationships!

So whether you work with cows or computers, whether you’re rich or poor, college educated or blue collar, it doesn’t matter what color you are or what country you live in, you’re going to have good times and bad times, sooner or later at least for awhile we all get to live on a Damn Ranch!

So we want to encourage you, by God’s grace to keep on riding especially when it’s against the wind. We all need to Cowboy up.

Mother Nature's Prayer of Repentance from Hutman Media on Vimeo.